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After finalizing your timesharing, child support and alimony agreements, it is possible that your needs and situation may change over time.  You will need to petition the court to change your current agreement.  In order to modify any current settlement agreement the party seeking modification must show a substantial change in circumstance.

Modification of Alimony-Sometimes as the financial situations of the parties change after divorce, there may be a need to change the amount or type of alimony.  It is important to have a skilled and experienced attorney review your situation and determine whether you qualify for a modification of alimony payments.  In order to modify alimony, the courts will require the moving party to show a substantial change in circumstance.  Some substantial changes in circumstance that may warrant modification are; one party losing their job, one party making significantly less money or receiving a substantial salary increase.

Modification of Child Support- The purpose of child support is to ensure that your child is living a comfortable and stable life style.  If the financial circumstances of one or both parties change, child support can be legally modified.  A substantial change in financial circumstances can include one party losing their job, one party making significantly less money or receiving a substantial salary increase, changes in daycare or health insurance.

Modification of Child Custody- Sometimes it is necessary to change the terms of your child custody/timesharing agreement.  Some changes can be more urgent than others, especially if one parent feels the child is in danger.  In order to change an agreement that is already in place, the moving party must prove both a substantial change in circumstance and that it is in the best interests of the child to change the agreement.  Situations may include, one household becoming abusive or unsafe for the children, relocation of a parent, or life style changes including work hours and substance abuse of one party.

Your children’s well-being is the most important aspect of the divorce process.  Winston Law, P.A. wants to make sure that your children are properly cared for and supported.  If your financial situation or your ex-spouses financial situation has changed it is important to speak with a skilled and experienced lawyer to discuss the possible changes to your child support order.

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